“Putting the Wellback in your water.”

Commercial - Small water systems

For Subdivisions, Indigenous Nations, Logging Camps & More.

Water Management System Experts

Our experts have designed and built the perfect water supply system for Subdivisions, Indigenous Nations, Logging Camps & more.

These portable and permanent water management systems employ a quick-connect docking system for filtration, treatment, and purification and are the perfect solution for either temporary or permanent water supply. 

We can also tailor this water supply system precisely to fit your exact needs.

We Put “the Well back in your water.”

Being headquartered here on Vancouver Island means we understand the day-to-day challenges with the local well water.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and the level of service we provide.

Portable Water Systems (Sea Cans, Trailers, Truck)

Not every application for a water system will have a permanent home.

In some cases, you may just want to have your own backup emergency portable water system in case anything happens to your primary source.

This applies to industrial applications (such as logging companies with multiple sites) and First Nations in close geographic proximity. 

We can design and build a water system that can be shipped to a remote camp and quickly connects to the water source and supply lines.

Even if you just want the peace of mind of having a backup water supply that can be rapidly deployed in case of emergency, we can design and build a system that fits your specifications exactly.

Indigenous Nations

Indigenous Nations are entitled to clean, healthy drinking water, the same as all other Canadians regardless of location.

Our testing and design experts can analyze any situation and provide the community with an abundant clean water supply. 

Working with local community members, we design and build the perfect system for the community.

If the community is located in an area too remote for regular EarthSmart service, we then focus on transferring water quality and testing knowledge to the local community members appointed to take care of the system.

We can provide both onsite as well as remote support to your community. 

Logging camps

By their very nature, logging camps are far away from clean drinking water supplies and often move from time to time to new stands of timber.

We work with the contractor to design and build a portable water system that can supply the work camp with an abundant clean potable water supply that can be relocated when the camp moves. 

When the camp moves, EarthSmart conducts water testing of the new source and reconfigures the water treatment system to the new water supply, so the same abundant clean water supply is back online for the logging camp. 


If your subdivision is not on a municipal water grid, we are the right team to call.

We can locate the water supply, drill a well if necessary, install all the required pumping and treatment systems to supply your new homes with perfectly clean water above VIHA recommended minimum guidelines.

Your Water. Our Mission.

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We will always bring you the highest-quality workmanship at a very competitive price.

Let our team of experts help you eliminate all your water filtration and purification concerns.

From a simple well pump repair to a water supply for an indigenous nation, no job is too big, and no job is too small.

A Few Commercial - Small Water System Projects

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