“Putting the Wellback in your water.”

Common Solutions To
Vancouver Island Water Problems

Water Softeners, Water Ionizers, Reverse Osmosis Systems, and Alkaline Water Treatment

Which Is Best?

The right water treatment system will give you and your family consistent, clean, healthy water, while drinking untested and untreated well water can lead to all sorts of problems with both your health and your well pump system. 

A professionally-installed water system can also last for over 20 years without major repairs.

Let us help you determine the best possible system for your unique situation.

We Put “the Well back in your water.”

Because EarthSmart Water Systems is locally owned and operated by Kurtis Rentz, we fully understand the day-to-day challenges with the local well water.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and the level of service we provide.

Water Softeners

Almost everyone in mid-island is fed up trying to clean the hard water spots off every glass surface!

A water softener eliminates this nuisance by treating hard water conditions and delivers other benefits such as better-tasting water, softer skin, silkier hair, less scale and scum buildup on your faucets,  and better protection of your pipes and appliances. 

Water Ionizers (Alkaline water)

Ionized water is a form of alkaline water (water with a higher pH value).

Ionized water offers several health benefits, including improved bone health, gastrointestinal health, and decreased cancer and heart disease risk.

Ionized water also benefits patients with diabetes and Alzheimers. Some research also indicates that drinking ionized water lowers glycation levels.

Reverse Osmosis

Reverse osmosis filters most contaminants and is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative to bottled water that requires minimal maintenance. It is also cleaner than distilled water.

While the process is very effective at removing harmful contaminants, it is equally effective at taking out healthy minerals.

As a result, reverse osmosis generates neutral water.

Alkaline Water

The main benefit of alkaline water is that it reduces acidity in your bloodstream.

Too much acid in your body could undermine all your bodily systems, and the excess acid may also cause your body to take minerals from your organs, teeth, or bones to neutralize acidity levels.

On the other hand, lowered natural stomach acidity can reduce your body’s ability to kill bacteria and expel undesirable pathogens from entering your bloodstream.

We ensure you get the right balance .

Your Water. Our Mission.

We Ensure You Have The Right Solution.

We have installed, serviced, and maintained water systems and wells on Vancouver Island for over 20 years.

As experts in the water filtration, treatment, and well industry, we can help you determine the best possible solution to your unique situation, install the entire system, and maintain it for you at an affordable price.

From a simple well pump repair to a water supply for an indigenous nation, no job is too big, and no job is too small.

Do you want to resolve your water Concerns?

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