“Putting the Wellback in your water.”

Water Testing & Treatment

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How Water Testing & Treatment Works

Unlike some, our initial consultation involves a complete water analysis of your system before making any recommendations.

After all, how can we treat your water when we don’t know precisely what is in it and which elements in the water might pose a risk to your health?

It’s common sense that you can’t solve a water problem unless you know exactly what is wrong, and anyone making recommendations without testing your water first should be avoided.

Based on the results of our testing, we will then discuss the best water treatment options available and provide you peace of mind knowing that everyone in your family is drinking clean, healthy water every day. 

We Put “the Well back in your water.”

Our trained experts can assess your current water system or work with you to create a new water system based on your specific needs.

 We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and the level of service we provide.

hard water

Hard water is water that has high mineral content.

Drinking hard water may have moderate health benefits, BUT it also poses critical problems in pipes, water heaters, and any other equipment that handles water.

Cleaning up the water spots hard water leaves is also annoying. 

White scales around your faucet or hard-to-remove spots on your shower door signify that you have hard water.


Tannins tend to give a tangy or tart aftertaste to water and may cause water to have a musty or earthy odor.

In addition, tannins create a light-yellow to dark-brown discoloration in the water, affecting everything you do with that water, from washing your clothes to coloring your hair.

Tannins are most common in shallow wells and surface water supplies.

rotten-egg smell

A rotten-egg smell in your water likely indicates the presence of hydrogen sulfide gas.

This unpleasant smell is likely due to a problem with your water heater or a naturally-occurring sulfur bacteria prevalent in well water. 

heavy metals

Manganese, lead, arsenic, chromium, and copper are examples of heavy metals commonly found in well water.

Mid-island has many wells with arsenic that have to be removed with water treatment. 

Some of these heavy metals are essential for healthy biochemical function.

Still, others such as lead, chromium, and arsenic can be toxic to your health when ingested, even in small quantities.

Common Solutions To These Problems

Water systems that we install most frequently are reverse osmosis, UV filtration, water softeners, and sand filtration systems.

We are experienced in setting up your chlorine-injected system, UV disinfection system, commercial or agricultural system, or even complete systems for your multi-family housing unit treatment facility.

We also do complete mechanical room installations with friendly, ticketed, and professional quality and service. 

We are WCB insured, ticketed pump installers, pipefitters, and plumbers.

We’re talking about the water that you and your family drink every day.

We Clean Your Water

Our water treatment experts can help you eliminate these common and other more complex water problems by sampling, testing, and designing your system for you.

From a simple well pump repair to a water supply for an indigenous nation or logging camp, no job is too big or too small.

Do you want to resolve your water Concerns?

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