Water Filtration
& Treatment

Water Filtration vs Treatment

Water filtration only focuses on removing impurities such as sediments and some odours. Filtered water may look cleaner but can still contain hazardous chemicals, bacteria, toxic minerals, and potential viruses, making the water unsafe to drink.

Water treatment removes impurities such as biological contaminants, viruses, chemicals, and other unseen materials. When living off the grid, it is essential to understand that you will likely need both a water filtration system and a water treatment system to ensure the water is clean and safe from any harmful bacteria and contaminants that can cause serious illnesses.

A few of our Water Treatment and Filtration projects

Whole House Pump and Water Treatment System
UV, Iron Filter, Water Softeners
Reverse Osmosis, UV, Pump, Cistern
UV, Ultrafiltration, Pressure Tank
Constant Pressure Pump System
Rainwater Cistern and Treatment
Water Softener, Carbon Filter, and Iron Filter
Chlorine Injection, Water Softener, Iron Filter, and Hot Water Heater
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How Filtration Works

A water filter typically uses pressure to force the water through a membrane, removing particles larger than five microns.

The filter allows the water to move through, but contaminants are left behind.


How Treatment Works

The water treatment process involves removing undesirable chemicals, biological contaminants, suspended solids, and even gases from your drinking water through various media, UV filtration, reverse osmosis, and chemicals such as iodine or, as a last resort, chlorine.

The First Step

The First Step

We Need To Test YOUR Water. Your water content could be Completely different than that of your neighbor’s. Even if you are right next door, the water from your well can be very different than theirs based on fractures in the rock where your water is drawn from.

Based on our findings, we will recommend options and the next step.