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Well Water Systems & Cisterns

We understand the problems with Vancouver Island Well Water Systems & Cisterns

We Are Experts in Well Water & Cistern Problem Solving

We love troubleshooting existing systems.

There’s no problem you are experiencing that we can’t find an efficient and cost-effective solution for. 

Our strength lies in fixing or remediating wells, replacing broken pressure tanks and pumps, and treating the water before it comes into your house.

Low pressure from clogged wells and screens, broken lines, hard water, arsenic or Boron in the water, and other contaminants, we’ve seen all these problems and solved them before!

We Put “the Well back in your water.”

Being headquartered here on Vancouver Island means we understand the day-to-day challenges with the local well water.

We pride ourselves on the quality of our installations and the level of service we provide.

Pumps & Wells

We’d love to set up or maintain pump protectors for your system, which protect you from dry-running pumps or a locked rotor.

We can set up your variable frequency drive or constant pressure system, resulting in pressure-spike prevention. Amperage spikes upon startup of your system can be hard on your house’s appliances, and solving these issues prolongs pump life and improves pump longevity and efficiency.

We can retrofit your existing systems as well. Some common problems you may be experiencing could be no water, low pressure, pressure switch problems, well pump installation and troubleshooting, submersible pumps, lake pumps, foot valve problems, check valves, and of course, coliform bacteria issues.

We provide outstanding service and remarkable installations


Cisterns solve many problems on the island, including being an emergency reserve should a problem arise with your existing well and well pump.

As an added benefit, fire safety is improved as a cistern gives you a large quantity of water for immediate use to quell a fire.

Some common problems with Cisterns that may need attention are no water, low pressure, pressure switch problems, jet pump issues, submersible pump problems, lake pump issues, foot valve problems, check valve issues, and of course, coliform bacteria issues. 

We can solve any cistern issues you might encounter.

Well Maintenance & Repair

Wells should be tested regularly for mechanical problems and the presence of specific contaminants such as coliform bacteria, nitrates, nitrites, and more. 

When you need your well assessed or repaired, you can count on us for prompt, efficient, and accurate repairs at an affordable price.

Cistern Maintenance & Repair

Cistern maintenance requires periodic draining, removing all debris, scrubbing the inside with a stiff brush and a bleach solution, rinsing with clean, safe water, and treating the lines from the cistern to the house with chlorine and then refilling with clean water. 

When you have a problem with your cistern, our experts can quickly diagnose and find a cost-effective solution to resolve your problem.

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We will always bring you the highest-quality workmanship at a very competitive price.

Let our team of experts help you eliminate all your well and cistern concerns.

From a simple well pump repair to a water supply for an indigenous nation, no job is too big, and no job is too small.

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